Sustainable Development Analysis

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1. Introduction Since South Africa’s transition from an apartheid government into that of a democracy the country has been met with unprecedented change and developmental challenges. Since then, creating a sustainable society within the country has been a major topic with regards to the implementation of developmental policies, however to fully grasp the aforementioned one has to understand the complexities surrounding creating a sustainable society. A now widely accepted policy framework in planning and development both internationally and in South Africa in particular, sustainable development according to the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), which defines sustainable development as humanities need to ensure the present…show more content…
According to Harper (2012; 183), the following characteristics give an idea of what would define a sustainable society; population, energy, economic efficiency and social form, to mention that will be discussed. Sustainable development is based on a three pillar system which focuses on the environment, the economy and equity, and in order to achieve sustainability needed to be addressed and ecological modernisation seeks to do just…show more content…
Harper (2012; 176), states that environmental quality is assumed to be a luxury available for only the affluent and when the requisite affluent level is reached, public and pressure from non-governmental institutions will lead to the making of mitigation of environmental policies being cost effective resulting in businesses investing in environmental protection. The environmental protection be the implementation of greener technologies and opportunities to start business that would benefit South Africa with regards to dealing with its levels of CO² emissions. Also the greener path would steer automotive to take a different path to reduce their carbon footprint. This innovation would mean more jobs, possibly addressing the unemployment crisis, creating business opportunity for example emphasis on renewable resources would mean an opportunity to create business along the lines of recycling eventually befitting local communities through creation local business. With regards to the life expectancy rate, a direction into ecological modernization would result in cleaner environments, and better infrastructure that would cater to the needs of everyone especially those living below the poverty line, free and affordable healthcare, housing crisis governments would be responsible sphere the crisis through providing decent housing for the

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