Advantages Of Multiple Regression Analysis

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MODULE IV Multiple Regression Analysis Module Description The main objective of studying this module is to develop understanding and knowledge about the multiple regressions. In this way, module focuses on the presenting the outlines the concept of multiple regression analysis and the difference between the simple and multiple regression analysis techniques through using the relevant examples. Along with this, the module also explains the stages involves in the decision process of multiple regression analysis. This module also focuses on the calculating the regression with the help of dependent and independent variables with the related examples. Throughout the study of this module, students would be able to develop…show more content…
It is also controlled association between the different variables through using the multiple regressions to determine the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. Along with this, multiple regression analysis is also helpful in the estimation of unknown parameters. This model also uses the data very efficiently to obtain the results from the small data. Disadvantages of Multiple regression analysis: Multiple regression analysis needs high-level mathematics to analyze the data and required in the statistical program. Along with this, the researcher cannot interpret the results of the multiple regression analysis on basis of assumptions. This technique also has requirement of a large sample of data to get the effective results. Self-assessment Questions Question 1: The multiple regression analysis determines the relationship between…. One response variable and set of explanatory…show more content…
These different six stages are also helpful in conduct the multiple regression analysis that supports in user or researcher in understanding and developing knowledge about the right decision or solution through using the appropriate method. The explanation of different stages followed in the decision process for the multiple regression analysis is given below: Stage 1: Objective of Multiple Regressions: Multiple regression analysis is a multivariate statistical technique that is used by the researchers to measure the relationship between dependent and independent variables. In the multiple regression analysis, the first starting point is the research problem. In the multiple regression analysis, flexibility and adaptability allow the researchers to use the technique with the dependency relationship. To use the multiple regression techniques, researcher needs identifies the specific the research problem, statistical relationship, and needs to select the independent and dependent variables in relation to the research problem. The main objective of multiple regression analysis is to enhance the predictive power of the variables (independent), which are represented in the variate. It also compares the two or more set of independent variables for measuring the power

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