The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

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There are new gun control laws from the after-effects of the Zug massacre that took place on September 27, 2001, in the city Zug, Switzerland in the canton's parliament where Friedrich Leibacher killed 14 people before killing himself. This is one of the incidents that have gun laws permissive and in need of better laws. Gun control supporters who claim that permissive gun laws such as Israel and Switzerland increase the probability of high-casualty violent events, homicides, and suicides within the households of gun owners (2.3, Rosenbaum). In this case, firearms distribution has several disadvantages and should result in discarded because the government law policies in Israel and Switzerland are ineffective, people are fearful of the danger of another frightening, violent incident. The people such as the Swiss, Jews, and Arabs want more gun control to protect their community. Equally important, gun laws are the cause of much of the violent crimes in the common countries in Israel and Switzerland…show more content…
There is no such idea that entitles you to have a gun if you want one, although in America it is foreign, the idea that anyone can have a gun. Gun control in Israel and Switzerland are not restricted enough and needs to be taken care of better. Gun advocates claim that gun ownership deters and mitigates the impact of violent events by increasing the likelihood of intervention by armed bystanders, without increasing firearm morbidity and mortality (4,6, Rosenbaum). In spite of all, there are reasons to why some people feel that gun control is not fair because of the civilians who can get access to gun control without a state of law, while others have no choice but to go by the law. Having a reason to have a gun or firearm is necessary since there is no right to own a gun in Israel or Switzerland because of the violence created by criminals using
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