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Cultural of Pakistan Assignment No 3 Absar Ahmad 2012020 Hm-321 Culture of Pakistan Our culture has influence of so many cultures on it. This place is ruled by many people belonging to different cultures like Afghanistan, Central Asia, Middle East and other places. Pakistani culture is very old as civilizations of gandhara and moen ju daroo were also here. Aryans, Greeks, White Huns, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and various Eurasian groups came and ruled this place. Form every one of them we extracted something for our culture. A new language called lashkari zuban came into existence when Muslims attacked this place.Culture has now a clear influence of westeren culture on it too. Let’s first discuss cultural…show more content…
The British influence has changed the way we look at ourselves and has stripped us of a confidence that comes naturally to a people belonging to an ancient and great civilisation. This Influence is on every aspect from clothing to eating. Both India and Pakistan were ruled by British so this is why we have influence of their culture on us. But now we have a great affect of western culture on us our norms are changing. We think them a very successful culture and want to copy them. Political system and Government: Pakistan is a democratic state but it is ruled under dictatorship more than democracy. Currently Pakistan is ruled by democracy. Current political situation is changing people now change their parties. As in Pakistan earlier if someone supports a party then he will not criticize on the bad aspects of that party. This trend is now changing. Currently democracy is again unstable as politician are unable to settle matters in btw them. Minorities Christianity Hinduism Parsis and others (tot 3%) are the minorities of Pakistan. Minorities are safe in Pakistan. They are not killed or stopped from their obligations. Constructing Mundar Girjas etc is allowed. If some bad thing happens strict actions are taken against

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