Biotatistics In Medical Statistics

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STATISTICS It deals with the collection of data sets, classification, tabulation of numerical facts and numbers and analyzing as the basis for explanation, description and comparison of different numerical and non-numerical aspects, facts or information. [1] BIOSTATISTICS It’s a discipline which describe the statistical terms, that includes application of statistics, probability, proportion, computation, tabulation and mathematics related to life sciences.[2] SCOPE OF BISOTATISTICS IN PHARMACY 1. It’s mainly consists of various steps like collection of data, generation of hypothesis, and application of statistical analysis and classification. 2. Biostatistics covers advantages and contributions not only from biotechnology, medicines, health,…show more content…
o In 1830s, one of the most noticeable promoters who applied the “numerical method” to drugs was the clinician French Pierre-Charles Alexander Louis. o Karl Pearson whowas a statistician, developed many modernized statistical methods to learn biological variation include curve-fitting or fit tests, as well as study of measuring correlation. o Bradford Hill republished the ‘’Principles of Medical Statistics’’ and then go through multiple publications and explanations. o Sir Francis Galton was known to be the Father of Biostatistics. o For the checking of inheritance of intelligence and human differences, He was the first who implement statistical methods for it. o He introduced the application of Surveys & Questionnaires for collecting data sets on human communities, which he desired for biographical & genealogical works and for his anthropometric inquiry. o Journal articles in statistics and medicine most frequently cited & published in 1972 by D.R. Cox on the statistical methods named “Regression Models and Life-Tables”[4] APPLICATION OF…show more content…
It tells weather the new discovered drug is affected or not.[8] o 1992:In Human skin permeability coefficients varieties of drug specimen more closely follow the method of log normal distribution and when the data is said to be log normal distribution then appropriate measures of central tendency works as geometric mean, and the arithmetic mean tends to be artificially increased due to the degree and nature of skewed distribution. [9] o 1996:The application of the cost effectiveness investigation is developing quickly in social insurance. Two general ways to deal with investigation are separated by the sort of information available one of which is the use of statistical methods on the cost and adequacy information for both induction (for hypothesis testing) and for estimation.[10] o 1998: For chromatographic techniques validation, a process is examined. This is made for the measurements of biological matrices drugs. Hypothesis testing and validation terminology both are quickly checked. The emphasis is on the outline of the experiments required to permit a reliable conclusion about approval or dismissal of the bio analytical

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