Waste King Legend 9980 Case Study

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Waste King Legend 9980 Garbage Disposal Review Waste King Legend 9980 is a high quality garbage disposal with a 1 HP motor. It gives you a superb grinding operation to handle most food waste. But unlike those high end disposers, this model comes with an affordable price. Moreover, it also offers you 2 lifetime warranties. One benefit of this product is that you can easily swap the new body with the old body of an Insinkerator unit. Basically, you save time and effort by keeping existing ISA flange and mounting hardware. Read the review below to get more details: Waste King Legend 9980 Installation There are 2 groups of users who bought this product. The first group installs it as a brand new unit or to entirely replace an old one. The…show more content…
If you intend to make a direct wire connection, you have to remove the power cord connection. If you have a dishwasher, remember to punch out the drain plug before mounting. Second Group of Users Some consumers successfully installed the new disposal body using the existing Insinkerator mounting system. But there are also those who failed to do so and feel disappointed. To find out the truth, we wrote to Anaheim Manufacturing Company (AMC) and ask them for answer. They claimed that Waste King 3-bolt mount system has the same technology as Insinkerator mounting system. So, you should be able to remove the Insinkerator disposal and install the Waste King unit. We research and found the steps needed to use the existing ISA flange and mounting hardware: 1. Take apart all the mounting hardware from the Waste King unit. This includes the Hush Cushion and the metal ring clamp. 2. Remove the lower mounting ring of the old Insinkerator unit. Then place it on top of the Waste King disposal. 3. Place the provided low profile splash guard on top of the Waste King disposal and snap it into place. 4. Lift up the Waste King unit and twist it into the old Insinkerator mounting

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