Advantages Of Managerial Challenges

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Managerial Challenges: Managerial Challenges are those faced by and within organisations in dealing with people who are different both temperamentally as well as culturally. This situation is termed as work force diversity. Organizations are becoming increasingly metropolitan and by becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race and ethnicity. Work force diversity, cause to take place anything. For example one can find a Brahmin working encompasses everything that Along with a Muslim or a scheduled caste or a Sikh worker Both Couples working :is a situation where both partners are actively working Employees promoted in organisational ranks to upper level positions need experience of different roles in different organisational units.…show more content…
Organisational Challenges: (i) Improving Quality and Productivity: Because of globalization, privatisation and liberalisation, organisations are exposed to competition. Therefore managers have to think seriously about improving the quality and productivity of employees. Thus, managers are implementing programmes like Total Quality Management and Reengineering programmes. (ii) Managing Technology and Innovations: In today’s scenario challenge confronting the managers is the set of issues involving the management of technology, innovations and changes. As success will come only to those organisations that maintain their flexibility continually improve their quality and out-beat their competitors with innovative products and services (iii) Coping with Temporariness: The young generation feels that the concept of continuous improvement means constant change. Managers today face a stage of permanent, temporariness. Organisations are also in a state of flux as they have to continuously recognize their various divisions, sell off poor performing businesses, down size operations and replacing permanent employees with temporaries. Managers and employees must learn to live with temporariness in today’s lifestyle. 4. Global

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