Fat Is A Feminist Issue Analysis

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In the article, “Fat Is a Feminist Issue” by Susie Orbach she discusses and has many opinions on women and how they become and increase in being overweight. Orbach discusses many reasons and ways of obesity in women and how it has increased in the past years. She mainly focuses on women and why they are overweight and the reasons that cause obesity in women's society. Susie talks about how women’s magazines always include a diet column, which can be very biased to many women and people. Overall, Susie Orbach believes that women are obese due to certain reasons like; a woman blaming a victim for her being overweight, how after pregnancy can cause obesity, and that the way men see and treat women can affect them in becoming overweight. Susie…show more content…
Women may be overweight, but is it really because of a person or a victim? My point is that there are so many other reasons why a women could be overweight; like being lazy or overeating. Orbach states, “Feminism argues that being fat represents an attempt to break free of society’s sex stereotypes”( 449). I understand this reason in Orbach’s article, but women can control themselves to help them stay in shape and be far away from being overweight. Overall, Orbach’s opinion does reach out to me and maybe others, but is there more to what research…show more content…
Orbach might have most of the women on her side, but this could make the problem worse by spreading and causing the percent of obese women to rise and possibly get out hand someday in the future. When women are overweight they always seem to have an excuse as to being overweight, but if women are mature and responsible enough obesity shouldn't be a result. Women can fully control their body, weight and all of their actions in today's society. Lastly, Orbach never asked a man for his opinion on this subject of matter, so maybe she should of included a man's opinion as evidence in why many women are becoming overweight, obese, or so called

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