The Importance Of Career Success

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Reason #2: Your Career Objective To Obtain Career Success Seeking future career prospects at blue-chip companies and international affiliate partnerships, where their organisational structures and policies have been embedded into their business system, could be arduous when you are not familiar with IQ Tests tool forms 80% challenges or issues hidden underneath the iceberg. Career succession or promotion opportunities are limited during this uncertain economy in the beginning of 21st century. Having the first job with less than 2-year working experiences and source of income is fixed have forced individuals to look beyond traditional full-time employment. With a wide range of training available, an individual could develop career success…show more content…
2 key facts you should be aware of: i. A Harvard Business Review published an article that used an executive intelligence tool to rate executive performance for a study in 2002 conducted by a Consultant who interviewed 35 executives from various industries. Further, the Consultant reported its validity along with the executive intelligence scores were strong predictors of managerial success in occupational selection. ii. In 2014, an author of the Psychology Today reported on a study conducted in 2006 by Accenture that administered this intelligence tool to 251 executives in 6 countries and he concluded that intelligence has been an important predictor of future career success. Are you aware of your cognitive ability strengths and weaknesses as well as confidence level? Many a time people asked what determines their career success. Apart from referring to your degree from elite learning institution, IQ Tests focus on your cognitive abilities relevant to critical thinking ability. Employers test candidate’s confidence in thinking ability using IQ Tests Questions to communicate the “right answers” with speed, accuracy, and…show more content…
Conclusion Either a job seeker or job creator, humans have many talented gifts. You deserve recognition and action speak louder than words. Well prepare your career move to the next challenging level is key to success. Knowing the value of critical thinking becomes evident in the Millennium because you are what you think. Think constructively! You would gain an advantage to achieve quick results if you have solid logical reasoning skill and analytical thinking ability surely fast-track your career. Needless to say, a quick search understanding employer’s recruitment strategy could realise your objective getting the job you want. But there is always a way out getting offers from the employer of choice by asking why you need to overcome the 80% challenges. Worry less! Include this hard skill test results for your next job application. It carries weight and better chances for getting hired at an employer of choice

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