Advantages Of Ecommerce

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A VERY BASIC GUIDE TO ECOMMERCE It is the practice of selling goods and services through websites. It is also defined as digitally enabled commercial transaction between and among organizations and individuals. Unique features of eCommerce It is ubiquitous – the market place is now extended beyond traditional boundaries and is removed from a temporal and geographic location. Web technology is now available everywhere via mobile phones. Customer convenience is now enhanced because shopping is everywhere and anytime. Global reach – technology which is across national boundaries and this reduces market barriers. Operates according to universal standards – with internet technology standards and this universalism promotes and eases to adopt technology…show more content…
A good website should have a well-organizedcollection of products and services. There should be a way of customers to access all products and compare. The owner should be able to change merchandise information, enhance and eliminatemerchandises on convenience and change prices without making inconsistences. Moreover, a good website should have a convenient way for customers to select products implemented by the shopping cart or basket. Customers should be able to select or delete the products while browsing the web. In addition to that, there should be convenient ways of payment and should have several options of payment for example Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Skrilletc Convenient order forms should be flexible enough for allowing specifying a different address for delivery, a gift message and should have as few required fields as possible and secure communication system to protect credit card information for customers to prevent unauthorized use of the card. Major types of eCommerce Business to consumer eCommerce [B2C] – online business may try to reach individual…show more content…
Identification of a need 2. Setup the website 3. Identify the market 4. Determine how best to meet the market needs 5. Get to know the market place 6. Know your competitors 7. Define your customers Promoting online business Optimize content of the featured website [SEO] then advertise your website through banner adverts which run across the top of the website, the use of skyscrapers which run vertically down the side of the website, pay per click where a website owner only pays when someone clicks on the advertised link and the use of social media platforms. Choosing a business idea GOAL TYPE OF WEBSITE WHAT TO DO To make big money Sales website Selling items and get lot of payments from advertisers Gain credibility and attention Marketing website Upload your Resume and your work sample online Turn an interest into a source of income Hobby or special interest website Invite like-minded people to share passion participate in a website and generate traffic Webhosting It is defined as the commercial of providing various amenities, hardware and software for websites as storage and preservation of site documents on a server. Types of webhosting Free

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