The Importance Of Immigration In Canada

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What has made Canada into the successful country it is today? The answer is immigration, immigration has made Canada into a prime country, further making Canada it into a culturally diverse and prosperous place to live. Canada has become an attractive pole for immigrants from around the world who are looking for a host country that will give them good opportunities. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada's annual immigration flow is now proportionately one of the highest among OECD members, at 0.7 per cent of its population. In Canada, we have three factors that influence immigration. These being economic, social and political, also health and security. However, the three I will be discussing in this…show more content…
Family class immigrants are people sponsored to come to, or remain in Canada by a relative who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. The family makes up around 30% of all immigrants that come to Canada. What Canada can gain from family class immigrants is the possibility of the arrival of new workers, the potential to add to Canada’s cultural diversity, also family class immigrants will spend their money in the country of Canada. To start off the reasons, Canada is in need of more labour force workers because of our reduced birth rate. So when family is brought over from foreign countries, the family members have a high probability of needing work, so the relatives of the immigrant are able to find work in Canada, and improve our economical standards. For example, the family member can apply for a work visa, in doing this they are able to apply for jobs in whatever provinces they are currently living in, which in turn fills possible shortages in Canada’s labour force. The second reason family class immigrants can help is the addition to Canada’s diversity. In opening our doors to immigration, Canada has created a society of mixed languages, cultures and religions. So not only will normal economic immigrants bring new culture and diversity into our country, they can apply to bring their family into our country to further enrich Canada’s multiculturalism. In other words…show more content…
Refugees are people who are escaping persecution, torture, or cruel and unusual punishments in their own countries. They apply to Canada as a safe haven. Refugees end up making up around 10-20% of total immigrants that Canada receives. How Canada can benefits providing from refugees is that Canada will provide a safe haven to those in need of it. An additional reason is through immigration Canada can reunite families that were separated from fleeing from their country. Also to promote successful integration of refugees into our society. All being accomplished through the Immigration Refugee Protection Act. Foremost I will be discussing how Canada benefits from protecting refugees fleeing their home country, allowing people a safe place to stay is essential. As an illustration, During World War II, Germany was a racist country, having strict rules on what a superior person looked like, and how any other type of person is inferior. Seeing that people were inferior, they were not welcomed and openly discriminated upon, even having violence being brought on them. So they fled from their home country to America, where they in fact helped this country, economically and in the war efforts. So coming back to the original point, refugees fleeing can help our country economically by working in Canada, aiding in the repair of their own culture, also to assist Canada in improving

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