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Does a Year-Round School Calendar Make Sense? Creating a year-round school calendar would have many benefits, not only to the students but for parents and administrators as well. The thought of how summer vacations had come about, allowing families to leave the city seeking out cooler climates, is no longer valid. Parents no longer move their families for the hot months of the year. The long summer vacations do nothing more than allow students to forget what they have learned and become bored. Going to school for four weeks then allowing a one to two break would create less stress for parents, students and administrators. According to Joshua Paladino, “Urban legend says summer vacations comes from the Agrarian calendar, so that students could help on the family farm.” However, most farmers are planting and harvesting while school is in session, not in the summer months. Farmers would work less hours in the summer, but never take off completely. So that “legend” makes no sense. School summer vacations started with people who lived in the cities trying to get away from the summer heat. They…show more content…
Paladino didn’t make in his article, but is something is to consider, is I think this would assist kids that played sports as well. The sporting schedules could follow the same schedule and when there is a break from school, there can be a break from sports. This gives everyone the opportunity to rest back up and again, another opportunity for those students who need to work, can work. I believe this would help with sickness as well. From personal experience, I know after weeks and weeks of practices and running non-stop to different after school activities, my children are exhausted. When they become exhausted they are more prone to get sick. During the winter months when the flu and other illness are being passed around, it would give the schools time for all the germs to die out and kids to get well before bringing it back to

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