Explain The Essential Requirements For Doing Online Business

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Q1. What are the essential requirements for doing online business? Ans. The essential requirements for doing online business are as follows: 1. Gathering of information: Gathering of information is one of the main requirement while doing online business, the information are as in the demography study where you will know who will be your target customer. Determining the business dreams, purpose, content and ways to strive those goals. 2. Planning: Secondly planning is also the vital requirement for doing online business where the information gathered is put together for designing the website. The seller decides on which media to use for advertising where they can get maximum participation of customer. It is vital for the seller to plan on which media to select because through that media we will know our potential customer. 3. Designing: In order to get more customers the website should be have the required information with proper security. The website should be designed beautifully because it gives the customer the opportunity to like and dislike so, it should match the taste and needs of the customer since, through that that we can build a good relationship with customer. 4. Mode of payment: The online business should determine their mode of payment where customer will know whether to pay online or cash on delivery or any other means of…show more content…
Although e-commerce has numerous advantage but the majority of the customer is mainly concerned about the security since most of payment transaction needs to be done online where the seller ask about the credit card details so, most of buyer worry about their financial details being misused leading to a major concerns for the customer so, most of people prefer paying hard cash rather than providing the whole financial detail. And also these days the increasing number of hackers makes the customer feel unsecured in sharing their personal details which they think that sharing their personal finance details can lead to

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