Cultural Relativist Feminism

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Journal Article Review: Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critiques of International Human Rights – Friends or Foes? Written by: Oonagh Reitman, 1997 This journal article is explaining about the different views in the critiques in the International Human Rights. The writer of this article attempts to explain to the readers to differentiate the understanding of the point of views of two sides, cultural relativist and feminist. Cultural relativist and feminist are actually quite similar but in the way of understanding they have a few differences. The critiques of both cultural relativist and feminist can be said that they are the same however a misunderstanding will may be occurred that can change the perspectives. The writer in the beginning…show more content…
First, for the one who believe on cultural relativism, the way they see universal human rights they think it as the modern form of imperialism with the values and views of western (Reitman 1997, 104) and the relationship between cultural relativist with feminist is cultural relativist believe that feminist ‘protect the western notion of equality’ (Reitman 1997, 107) and feminist claim the universal rights according to the western perspective. Secondly, on the other hand, for the one who believe on feminism, they criticize that in the practice the universality has not been realized, they criticize that the only rights that only being protected are men’s rights and they feel that women still have not being yet included in the human rights (Reitman 1997, 104) and the relationship between feminist with cultural relativist is feminist believe that cultural relativist protect ‘a male notion of culture’ (Reitman 1997, 107) and cultural relativist seems to try to hampering the realization and enforcement of human rights of…show more content…
Reitman has brought the interesting topic to please the reader to read. He has researched and collected many sources from other books, journals, research papers, and other articles to be put in a one brief article. He arranged his journal in a very such chronological order by explaining the general information and the basic theory first then to the specific case. In my opinion, the topic of this journal is quite interesting to read. However, as a student who is still learning regarding this human rights topics and still lack of deep understanding of the knowledge of this issues, I found some difficulties in understanding the way Reitman explaining the materials in this journal. Reitman uses the very complex words in explaining the topics of this journal and there are several terms that I do not quite understand the meaning which it needs more time to read more and to understand the topics that he wanted to explain to the

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