Advantages And Disadvantages Of ASCII Collection

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Ability to search: The ability to advantage to electronic materials when an ASCII version is available. On-line searching has for some years been replacing printed abstracts journals. Since most current materials is now produced via computers, it can generally be provide in ASCII form and be searched. For those documents which are searched rather than read (eg. Many reference books, compilations etc.) Electronically can be expected to take over Shorty. Ubiquity: Another key advantage is ubiquity. Many simultaneous users can access a single electronic copy from many locations. Copies can be developed with electronic speed, and it would be possible to reformat the material as per the reader preference. Since readers get a screen display of the object, rather than a physical object, loss rates by theft are eliminated.…show more content…
Digital material can permit access to videotapes and new kinds of multimedia material that are created only on computer and have no equivalent in any traditional format. Preservation and conservation: An exact copy of the original can be made any number of times without any degradation in quality. Space:Whereas traditional libraries are limited by storage space, digital libraries have the potential to store much more information, simply because digital information requires very little physical space to contain them. When a library has no space for extension digitization is the only solution. Networking:A particular digital library can provide a luck to any other resources of other digital libraries very easily, thus a seamlessly integrated resources sharing can be achieved. Access current Information:For researchers, digital libraries provide access to up to date current literature and thereby help them to be aware of current

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