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3-14 Use the value chain and competitive forces models to evaluate the impact of the internet on book publishers and book retail stores such as Barnes and noble. Due to the expansion of the internet and online retailers the market share had begun to shrink mostly due to various external factors As indicated by Porter's Competitive Forces Model. Due to the external environmental forces into a less brick and mortar friendly landscape. Companies like amazon take over market share. Opportunities and threats are things in the external environment that either hinder or improve your competitive advantage. a company such as Barnes and noble targets the same market segment as Netflix and other online retailers .their pool of potential customers drops as well as their ability to purchase goods at a low price as competition now exists upstream. As e books are getting more and more popular, the interest and market for hard copy has fallen. As more substitutes’ become available, the market share will only dry up unless Barnes and nobles begins to innovate. Barnes & Noble’s answer to this problem was their digital e book platform called the Nook. Barnes & Noble’s offers unique offerings that distinguish them from…show more content…
Distributors and retailers have been collaborating to ensure them more innovation. It is fundamental to distributors that retail book stores stay afloat as their successes are directly intertwined. Distributors provided feedback for retailers such as information on product placement. It important for retailers to be aware of product placement in struggling markets to maximize profitability. A book stores showcase space is the best space for advertising to readers. This is information retailers could use to push sales of books that are not selling. Barnes and noble also has begun to offer not only hardcover books, but now offers e-books as well as book

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