Persuasive Essay Outline: The Ebooks The Alternative Way

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Name: Anthony Cardona SPCH 1300-902 Date: December 4, 2014 EBooks the alternative way General Purpose: To persuade. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to stop using traditional books and move towards eBooks. I. Intro A. Attention Getter: State your attention getter here. Did you know that according to Michael Baumann, in eBooks: A New School of though, published May of 2010; it states that the average public college student spends around 1,200 dollars on books a year. And you wonder where you money goes. B. Thesis Statement: What are you going to be talking about today? People should use eBooks instead of using traditional books. C. Audience Relevance Statement: Why is this important to us? Being a college…show more content…
Give more supporting material. With the production of textbooks, factories producing the books release toxins into the air. An article published in 2009 in New York Times, had a quote by Joe Hutsko, which said, “The new study finds that e-readers could have a major impact on improving the sustainability and environmental impact on the publishing industry, one of the world’s most polluting sectors”. 2. What bad will happen if the audience rejects this solution? a. Give supporting material. As stated in Environmental Impact of e-books vs. paper books every year about 25 million trees are being cut down c. Give more supporting material. Other negative impacts of not moving towards eBooks are the middlemen. They are the ones who use gasoil to deliver the books around the world causing more harmful pollution to be released into the air. Transition: To sum it up III. Conclusion A. Thesis: Restate thesis statement. EBook’s should be used in place of traditional textbooks. B. Summary Statement: Summarize the 3 sections of the speech First of, is the problems of textbooks, why they are a hassle and bad for the environment. The solutions to the whole textbook problem. Lastly, what is going to happen if you accept it or

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