Constitution Of 1956 Short Essay

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Chaudary Mohammad Ali was a sincere politician and an experienced parliamentarian. He took personal interests in the constitution-making process. He presented the draft of the first Constitution of Pakistan in the second assembly. It was approved by the assembly on 29th February, 1956. Then this draft was sent to the Governor-General Major-General Iskander Mirza who ratified it on 2nd March, 1956. Thus, the first constitution of Pakistan was formed nine years after the independence of the nation. Finally, the first constitution was enforced on 23rd March, 1956 and Pakistan was declared as Republic. Salient Features Of The Constitution Of 1956: i) Preamble: Objective Resolution was made a part of the constitution of 1956 which declared that…show more content…
• H was authorized to reduce or condone the punishment given by the Courts. • He could declare emergency in the country. b) Federal Government: Federal Government comprised the President, the Prime Minister, the National Assembly, and the Federal Cabinet. The Chiefs Of Army, Navy and Air Force and the Supreme Court. The federation of Pakistan comprised four provinces, federal and tribal areas. There were three lists of subjects viz, the federal list, the provincial list and the concurrent list. c) The Parliament: The constitution of 1956 provided a unicameral legislature called the National Assembly which consisted of 300 members. Out of these, 150 members were elected from East Pakistan and 150 from West Pakistan. It enjoyed full authority over the federal list of subjects. It was compulsory to call two sessions of the assembly in a year one to be held in Decca while the other was to be convened in Karachi. v) Independence Of Judiciary: the constitution of 1956 established an independent judiciary which consisted of the following Courts: a) The Supreme Court b) The High Courts (One each in East and West Pakistan) c) The Lower

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