Negative Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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As you have seen, the social network gives us both the benefits and well as negative effects. So, how to avoid the negative effects? It was neither difficult nor easy. It is important that we have the determination. Social networking addiction often exposed to computer sit for hours, creating bad conditions for the eyes, and will be easy to fall into obesity. Prone to obesity is that you spend too much time in front of computer or phone to play the social networks. If do not want that situation occurs, should think for themselves. Do not spend too much time on social networks, instead we can exercise, walk, which runs good for health, good for morale. In addition there are many such cases, only time consuming for the computer or device without…show more content…
Request addicts get it out several times a week to reflect the problems caused by excessive online gaming and the benefits achieved by controlling their use of the Internet as a means of increasing their motivation with the importance of the decision to stop using the Internet. Check individual. Along addict activities listed benefits beyond social networks like playing soccer, fishing, swimming, camping, ... that they lost when participating online games. Ask them to rank each activity on hierarchical: very important, important, not very important. Specifically, check the activities classified as "very important". Ask them if these activities have improved their quality of life like. This will help addicts more aware of the choices that are related to the Internet and stimulating the activity lost when they like. Join support groups. according to the survey, in clinical practice, found that many children addicted to social networking sites too lonely or have little social activity outside

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