Advantages Of Cancer Screening

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Weaknesses Mandatory cancer screenings were abolished in 1998 Low awareness about cancer screening due to the ways the messages are being conveyed. Target groups are very narrow (breast cancer - women) The efficacy of cancer screenings is not very high, therefore they are unreliable, Opportunities Implementation of new measures to increase participation (change channels) Implementation of quality health assurance system (increase quality of results) Cancer is one of the main illnesses from which people die in Japan every year, due to this, a big amount of capital is invested in cancer research. Support from The Ministry of Health and Welfare Cancer awareness is raised every year through different campaigns Increase target groups and customers.…show more content…
A major cause of this is the extremely low screening rate. Only 36.4% of Japanese women in their 50s and 60s underwent cancer testing in 2010. Meanwhile, some European countries have an screening rate above 80%. CancerScan offers the Japanese society to be more aware about cancer screening via public health campaigns and promotions, which will help them in the process. The society benefits from it because the earlier the cancer is detected, the better the chance of beating it. Since 2000 breast cancer has been the leading cause of cancer death for women in their 40s. This is because of the fact that breast cancer is hard to detect in the earlier stages with self-examination, so therefore CancerScan can especially help women with the detection and preventing it from spreading to other parts of the…show more content…
However, the Harvard Law case points out that there is a threat that is coming from people not trusting the commercialization of the medical industry. People are concerned that the only thing that medical companies are interested in is profit and stop believing in its ‘good intentions’. Therefore, CancerScan must gain the trust of the market in order not to suffer the consequences and have a more open-minded approach about breast cancer screening what will allow future development of CancerScan. Another threat for CancerScan is that nowadays people are so concerned about cancer problem that eventually a cure will be found. That does not mean that screenings will stop completely, but it means that there will be a vast decrease in screenings due to the low risk of worsening of the state of the patient or even lethality thanks to the cure. People will change their attitude towards cancer and will not consider it as a serious disease anymore which will negatively affect company’s

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