The Pros And Cons Of Biotechnology

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Possibly, you may have no real opinion when it comes to biotechnology or genetic modification. Maybe, you think, “Well, it doesn’t affect me. Besides, isn’t genetic modification something from a science fiction movie?” Well, what if I told you that biotechnology most likely does affect you, and that it probably does each and every day? After all, roughly 70% of American processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients, (Source 3). Biotechnology is nowhere near exclusively related to food, in fact, as it has become more prevalent, it has spread through many different sectors of many peoples’ lives. However, as biotechnology has advanced become widely-known, people have become divided between those in favor and those opposing biotechnology. The first side of the biotechnology debate is that of the supporters, and they have quite a lot to say. First, one very popular aspect of biotechnology is its use in medical advancements. According to source one, paragraph two, some scientists have…show more content…
While there are those in support of the relatively new stem of technology, arguing that it could lead to an advanced medical field, a flourishing agricultural industry, and a more ethical judicial system, there are also those in opposition who retort that it may not be as safe as many claim it is, that it may not be used in peoples' best interest when it comes to insurance or professional life, and that it may bring about a longer life span which could have adverse effects internationally. Biotechnology may not seem as though it is as prevalent as the media might make it seem, and maybe it really isn't, but that may only be for the time being. Remember, biotechnology may only be infiltrating your life through your diet now, but in years to come, it could play a role in your life on a much larger scale. However, could the role that it plays save, or ultimately end, your

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