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GARIBAY1 Garibay, Alicia per.3 Ms. Duenow English 12 11/6/14 The Beginnings of Dental Hygienist There are many different jobs surrounding the dental industry depending on the career someone intends to pursue, looking closer into this career and found interest in the direction toward the dental hygienist part of the industry. This is a very competitive major because there is fewer jobs available do to the fact that dental hygienist are not allowed to do some of their procedures without the doctor in the dental office and in some cases the doctor must be present in the room. There is also new jobs being brought up and created every year that give the dental hygienist less clients because the state is trying to get some…show more content…
It is a highly competitive major to get through because there is not as many jobs that are offered here in California and because it is a better payed industry here there is most likely to be someone from out of state trying to find the same job. It may be easier to get a job out of state but do expect a lower pay for the service given and the studies that are taught for this many seem to have high expense for each course as well as the instruments needed for each one of the classes. There is a college degree which must include taking courses in anatomy, biology, health and wellness, dental hygiene, pathology, medical emergencies, anxiety and pain control, preventative treatment and dental law. Those who pursue doctoral degrees in dentistry can choose an area of concentration, which can be in a dental specialty such oral surgery, orthodontics and periodontics.It can take you as little as two years to complete an Associate's of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a dental hygienist. A dental hygienists must be licensed by the state they intend to practice in before they can begin working. They must have creativity because dental hygienists interact with such different population groups, they must be creative in their approach to patient management and oral health…show more content…
Hanford-Corcoran has 40 which is the fewest number of dental hygienists in the state. The employment concentration of dental hygienists in California is not close to the national average of 16.99 dental hygienists per thousand jobs. It is 49.984 which is a huge difference. Perhaps this is a result of California being a wealthy state overall, so more people can afford to take care of their teeth which then requires the services of dental hygienists. In May of 2007, according to ( “the Oregon Board of Dentistry approved Restorative Functions for Dental Hygienist,” this includes making filling along with amalgam (an alloy of mercury with many metals) as long as the doctor had first prepared

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