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Thermography The source “Infrared Thermography” discusses that a method to determine the heat dispersion in substances under observation, and also used to find out its time dependency is called thermography, it is also called thermal imaging. The purpose of this method is to change an infrared picture into a visible picture. The main function of thermography is to generate a visible picture with an illuminated dispersion and it is corresponding to the infrared illuminated dispersion of the substances. This change is accomplished by quick scanning of the substances in order with the help of a radiometer component. These scanned infrared illuminated dispersion substances indicate a signal, and then this signal remains stored in a visible display…show more content…
They discussed that in 1800, Sir William Herschel invented infrared, he was an astronomer, and in that way the research on thermography began. He designed and builds his own binoculars, and became familiar with mirrors, light refraction, and lenses. His research for thermography started with the concept that the sun’s rays were a combination of the spectrum colors and it was a source of heat also, so he started to find out the colors which were heating devices or things. In the first experiment of thermography, he used paperboard, prism, and thermometers that have black bulbs, and through these bulbs he measured the temperatures of the distinct colors. He passed sunlight through the prism and observed the rise in temperature when he shifts the thermometer from violet towards red color of the rainbow which was produced by the light. Then he noticed that the very hot temperature among all lights was beyond the red light, he also observed that the radiation is invisible which produced heating. He named this invisible radiation as “calorific rays”, now the energy or light is referred to as infrared and evaluating the emitted heat is thermography (KOLCUN & LIZAK,

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