Curcuma Longa Research Paper

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Introduction The word inflammation comes from a Latin word “Inflammare” which means “to set on fire” [1]. Inflammation is a protective response done by our body to protect itself from injury, foreign microorganisms as well as initiate healing and repair process. However, inflammation can also be potentially harmful to our body because of the chemicals involve in inflammation process which are capable to destroy and injure normal tissues. The components of inflammatory process are white blood cells, plasma proteins and chemical mediator such as cytokines. All these induce the inflammation at the site of infection or damaged tissue. If inflammatory response is not under controlled, it can lead to autoimmunity which is harmful as it attacks its own healthy body cells or tissues.…show more content…
Longa is famously used in Indian cuisine. It has been known to have good medicinal properties. The constituents of C. Longa such as curcuminoids have been identified to provide anti-inflammatory property [7]. 4. Garcinia mangostana (Mangosteen) G. mangostana commonly known as mangosteen is from the family of Guttiferae with the genus Garcinia. Figure 9: The tree of G. mangostana Source: Figure 10: The fruit, Mangosteen of G. mangostana Source: The hulls of the mangosteen fruit is the one that have chemicals that provide anti-inflammatory effects. Its constituents are α-mangostins and γ-mangostins. It has proven in a research study that it helps in inflammation [8]. Different Methods of Screening In-vitro screening of anti-inflammatory effects of Harpagophytum

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