Advantages Of Air Conditioning

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It is only a matter of time until fossil fuel runs out. Every year we consume of 11 billion tonnes of oil (Fossil Fuels). Hong Kong is a populated and busy city and there is a lot of buildings. Air conditioners are needed in many offices or workplaces because the temperature affect a person’s productivity, the temperature should be from 20C - 24C, if it is out of this range, productivity could be affected (Is Air Conditioning Bad for the Environment?, B-DACS). These buildings have the air conditioner on throughout the day and in homes air conditioners use up the most energy comparing to other home appliances (Air Conditioning). However, it can be solved by using an evaporative cooler or a whole-house fan (Air Conditioning Alternatives). Burning…show more content…
Evaporative coolers uses 75% less energy than a standard air conditioner, using less energy can result in significant savings (Saving Electricity). It uses 298 kWh per month and costs $48 if used 24 hours a day, while a medium window unit AC uses 670 kWh per month and costs $107 if used 24 hours a day (Learn How Much It Costs to Install an AC Unit). Another important advantage of evaporative coolers is that it does not use chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbon, so no greenhouse gases is…show more content…
Therefore, it will not work well in humid climates and it has high maintenance. Too much moisture makes it work inefficiently. When moisture builds up it can cause condensation and corrosion. Condensation is when water droplets collect on a surface. Evaporative coolers are used in dry climates which makes it high maintenance because the moisture pads inside the evaporative cooler must be kept damp at all times. If they dry out the evaporative cooler will not work well. Moisture pads will dry out fast, especially in dry climates which will take a toll on the pads (David, Isaiah). As a result, users will have to constantly change or dampen the

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