The Importance Of Electricity

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Electricity is a form of energy which mankind use to power machines and electrical devices. It arrives at our homes and workplaces through wires from the places where it is made. It is used by elecrictical lamps for producing light, electrical heater to produce heat, etc. Electricity is generated in the place called power stations. The sources of energy used to make electricity are either conventional or renewable. Electricity generated by burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas etc. Are the conventional sources of energy . Fossil fuel power stations are major emitters of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas (GHG), which according to a consensus opinion of scientific organisation is a contributor to global warming. Moreover, the fossil fuels are limited in quantity. Electricity generated from solar radiation, wind, ocean waves, tidal,…show more content…
A flat plate collector has the same area for intercepting and absorbing solar radiation, whereas concentrating solar collector usually have concave reflecting surfaces to intercept and focus the solar radiation to a smaller receiving area. Flat plate collectors are suitable for moderate temperature applications and concentrating collectors are suitable for high temperature applications. The conventional solar thermal collector is the flat plate collector. A flat plate collector is designed for the working in low to moderate temperature range. It is used to absorb solar energy convert it into heat and then transfer this absorbed energy to liquid or air flowing in solar energy collection system. It absorbs both the beam and diffused radiation and usually is planted on top of the buildings. The solar air heaters have low thermal efficiency compared to water heating collector and therefore are used for low to moderate temperature applications. A flat plate collector usually consists of following

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