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Positioning involves the creation of a unique and distinctive image for a brand relevant to the prevailing levels of competition. Our consumers should perceive CoolRest sleep package as different from what competitors have to offer the consumers. An effective positioning strategy ought to be meaningful to our consumers. Additionally, the strategy should be credible enough for the consumers to believe. With the differentiation focus on differentiation to meet and tailor our package to meet the varying needs of our consumers, our product stands to be a market leader in the industry of luxury beds and related appliances. Our brand is not only unique but also durable due to the crafting and soft touch of finish undertaken on every unit produced…show more content…
Their focus is on potential clients who dread getting in bed during winter and have to wear layers of clothes to avoid getting cold while sleeping. Additionally, their product comes with a cooling system that comes in handy during summertime in avoiding sweaty nights. The fact that insomnia is closely associated with the regulation of body temperature is an attribute that Bedjet does not overlook. The need to balance temperature during the seasons that occur annually remains at the forefront of their operations. Products offered by Bedjet are not only durable but also sound proof. It takes their product a very short time before they heat up compared to electric blankets that have the potential of offering competition into our market, being a substitute commodity. Moreover, the energy saving capability of their products helps their customers reduce costs on house heating during cold seasons and an inbuilt cooling system that comes in handy during hot seasons. What the customer gets with Bedjet products. Two wireless remote controls to control the system while in…show more content…
The focus and investment on product differentiation put our product a mile ahead if our competitors. Our products come in handy in various environment and a focus on the high-end population, health institutions, and luxurious hotels give us an advantage when it comes to pricing our products. Efforts in marketing CoolRest sleep package are focus on high-end customers whose purchasing power is not constrained. The sleep environment offered by CoolRest sleep package is not only safe and conducive but is also free from shock hazards since the system is not integrated directly with the bed. What is more, CoolRest sleep package is quiet guaranteeing our consumers of a good night sleep without any form of interruption. This is unlike the case with some of our competitors whose products emit noise at night. The use of CoolRest sleep package is not involving. When it comes to the bedroom hygiene, it only involves removing the bedding and washing them. This is unlike electric blankets that require special attention whenever it comes to washing them. Additionally, the use of CoolRest sleep package is not cumbersome. The filling of the control unit and the regular draining and replacement of water are not present as is the case with Chili technology

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