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Choosing Bedroom Themes Are you struggling to come up with a theme for your bedroom? Have you narrowed it down to a few choices but just can’t decide? Maybe you are just tired of having a bedroom that is nothing special. You’ve seen the beautiful images in magazines and on websites, but you have no ideas where to even begin because you are sure that those photos you saw could not possibly be a “real” bedroom. If any of these apply to you, or, if you just need some creative bedroom theme ideas, read on. I think we can help. Don’t necessarily take each bedroom idea as a literal set of directions (unless you really like the ideas). Instead, use these ideas as a way to spark your imagination. The bedroom is a very personal area and although functionality is important, it is essential that you take this special space and make it your own personal sanctuary. We all need a special place to call our own. Why not your bedroom? The possibilities of creating a beautiful bedroom…show more content…
Recapturing this in your bedroom would mean embracing tropical elements such as wicker furniture, slatted ceilings with wooden beams, capiz shells and wooden sliding doors, a rough textured crafted hardwood bed with sturdy base with slatted post headboard, etc. A ceiling fan made of weaved rattan and wrought-iron support is a suitable lighting fixture for this type of bedroom. The room corners can be decorated with big potted plants with gigantic leaves resembling banana leaves and a bird-of-paradise plant placed as a focal element for the area near the window. Interesting decors such as sea shells, dried corals and twigs can be combined to make beautiful mobiles to hang from the ceiling, or they can be made into bead curtains and wall accents. The use of thin and transparent gauzelike curtains that are easily blown away by the wind exudes an undeniably tropical

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