Humorous Wedding Speech From College

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I’m so glad that you’ve found a place for grandpa. Princeton cemetery is without a doubt the right spot for his ashes, just a stones throw from the house on Hickory Court, not to mention the university. And Justine will certainly be happy to hear about the ecological advantages of your burial choice. (Wasn’t her speech moving, she’s such a confident public speaker!) Thank you for your kind words. My time with you in Princeton was very tranquil and I enjoyed keeping you company. I want to thank you for being so honest with me, for letting me know when you needed a hug or a quick rest. It’s hard to be transparent with emotions, at least it is for me, so I think you’re very brave for letting others know what your’re feeling. (And of course for giving therapy a go). You’ve always been so organized, and that's still a part of your personality, but I’m glad you let me take charge of the shopping, and cook you a couple meals. Thank you for accepting my help. Grandmas are famous for their generosity and…show more content…
I moved out of Louise’s/LT’s, and into a house with three friends from college. The neighborhood is called Eastlake and it very centrally located, but also surprisingly residential, with calming views of Lake Union.The house itself is from 1912 and there is a clawfoot tub which I haven’t tried yet. Today I was offered a full-time job working in a dispatch center for a large heating and air-conditioning company. Over the weekend, I was offered a part time retail job with a Canadian skincare company called Skoah. I may end up taking the part time job so I can keep looking for full-time work that does’t involve irate customers with broken heaters, shivering in the dead of winter. I have two other interviews this week, one with a nonprofit and the other with an architectural consulting firm. I guess the fall really is better than the summer for job hunting. I was starting to doubt myself a

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