Business Innovation: The Importance Of Innovation In Business

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On the other hand, Innovation is important because it can give value with the new ideas and helps to change the world thought innovative things and go out from the traditional methods, making it worth. In my opinion, it is really important to motivate and let people bring up new ideas, because one day these ideas can turn into brilliant idea which will change the company in a positive way and increase the market share (Shlomo & Seshadri, 2007). I do like the way how the author Shlomo & Seshadri (2007) linked up innovation with skydiving because it is fun, scary and risky. It seems that if you want to innovate, you should enjoy what you are doing, be scared about the result and take the risk to do everything you think that can be useful for it, every company knows that all innovation process has a high risk because it costs and it cannot give the results we want to (Shlomo & Seshadri, 2007). It is clear that most of the companies must be focused on the innovation force because they can lose customers and profits in their business due to the competition in the market, according to the author Kline & Rosenberg (1986): “successful innovation requires a design that balances the requirements of the new product and its manufacturing process, the market needs, and the need to maintain an organization that can…show more content…
They knew how to innovate and apply the innovation in the market and as we could see in the example it covered different areas and in all the international market because innovation is not inventing new products, it is about more than it, it is about adding value in the place you are (Tucker,

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