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CHAPTER ONE 1. Introduction 1.1Background Pneumonia is the acute lower respiratory tract infection (ARTI) that exclusively affects the lung or Pneumonia is one of the serious illnesses, which involves lung infection specifically alveoli.. While it attacks every person, children under the age of five years are particularly prone to pneumonia. A range of both bacterial and viral pathogens have been recognized to cause pneumonia in children with streptococcus pneumonia accountable for the vast majority of cases (1). Nearly 40,000 to 70,000 people die each year in United State because of pneumonia. In Europe and North America, it was found that the prevalence of pneumonia for children under 5 years of age is 34 to 40 cases per 1000. In sub-Saharan Africa,…show more content…
In addition, continuous research may assist them to view the latest statistics so that any prevention and action plan can be done to control the infection of pneumonia among children. 1.2 Statements of the problem Childhood pneumonia has been the commonest cause of suffering worldwide among under- five children, with the developing nations carrying the highest mortality and morbidity pneumonia burden. This starkest child survival gap between the most deprived and better off children is known by looking at the unacceptably high child deaths and morbidities in the poorest settings of the world, including Ethiopia. .In 2011, there were 120 million new pneumonia infections worldwide, 14 million of which were sever enough to require hospitalization. More than 50% of all new pneumonia cases of the under- five childhood are concentrated in the poorest world’s regions, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (1, 4,

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