Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working In Schools

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Schools have to work in collaboration with a vast range of outside agencies or/and other professionals such as OFSTED, SENCO, specialist teachers, counsellors, social workers, educational psychologists, speech and language therapists and a vast array of others. Using experts is common practice and there are many other external professionals who will work with a school on a regular or purely ad-hoc basis as is necessary. These experts will have a high degree of specific professional knowledge and also the necessary specialist skills which the schools regular teachers themselves may not have. The schools in-house teachers are able to work with these professionals in order to directly support children and young people with their additional educational,…show more content…
There are a huge variety of problems that the SLT’s deal with from children who have understanding difficulties, to those who find it hard to express themselves. Others have problems communicate and socialise with other children or adults in an appropriate manner. In all these types of cases, the SLT will go into the schools and form a close, personal working relationship with each individually pupil. They will also undertake work with those children that have difficulty withdrinking, eating and swallowing. The SLTs form a close working, partnership with not just the child, but also their family, their school and any other healthcare professionals involved in the welfare of the child. Together they are all involved with helping the child’s needs but, ultimately, it will be the SLT who will then decide how the child can be helped, in order for them to reach their full communication potential. When a child is being attended by and SLT, their meetings may be either clinic-based or school-based. The therapists will work with different children experiencing a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties, which will include language delay, a hearing impairment, issues with sound production, the whole range of the autism spectrum including difficulties with social communication skills, and stammering. As long as the therapist has the parent’s permission, they should ensure that’s the child’s school receives copies of assessment reports and prescribed speech language programmes, so that they can be fully integrated in the

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