Advantages And Disadvantages Of Project-Based Learning In Bilingual Education

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5. Limitations When we decide to carry out a project-based learning in a bilingual classroom, we know that this approach takes time from the teacher to organize the different phases. Although, project-based learning is common in other centers where we did my teaching practices degree, it is difficult to implement project-based learning in a bilingual education. The reason is the different aspects that must take into account to carry out it. In relation to the intervention proposal, it should be implemented in more than one class to compare the result and to verify the effects with more students. Consequently, we cannot generalize the students’ outcomes. Besides, it is also necessary to note that student’s self-assessment had difficulties in…show more content…
However, this collaboration was very difficult in the school in which a project-based learning was developed by a teacher in professional practice for a group. Moreover, it was not possible to involve family in the project because students belong to families in which two members usually work and they are helped with the homework by a babysitter. Although we have not mentioned explicitly scaffolding strategies during the project-based learning, teacher takes into account them to facilitate the students’ learning in whole intervention proposal. So, teacher support students with videos, online websites, peer support during the project, etc. Last but not least, I consider that the sheet about team collaboration in which students had to reflect on their group, it should have had three faces which show “excellent work”, “good work” and “deficient work”. We suggest this alternative because we observe that some students were confused about the numbers of the sheet. Furthermore, as we could carry out this project-based learning in the class, we have noticed that we could have taught some applications to create mind maps about the topic. Consequently, students learn more skills using different digital applications while they are developing the digital

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