Nutritionist Job Requirements

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Have you ever been interested in eating right? Well you can get paid to learn how to eat right and help others. I find nutrition very interesting. Nutrition is also important in everyday life. This would allow me to help others in a positive way and I would then be able to help myself with diet needs. This would be a beneficial job that is interesting and helpful to others. This paper will explore the job description, requirements and salary expectations for a Nutritionist. To begin with, the job description for a Nutritionist is diverse. According to Occupational Outlook Handbook, the general duties for a Nutritionist is to assess patients health needs and diet. They also counsel patients on nutrition issues and develop a plan that includes meals, exercises and takes the patients salary and preference into account. Nutritionist hours of work vary. OCO states most work full time, but one out of five work part time. Also there are a handful of Nutritionists that are self-employed so their working hours are flexible. Working environments can be a lot of different places. OCO describes hospitals, nursing homes and schools as the most common working environment.…show more content…
OCO reports the range of a salary for a Nutritionist is $34,500 to $77,590. There are factors to consider though. explains, experience is a big factor. The more time spent working on the job as a Nutritionist, the more money one will make. Even within a year, one’s salary can jump a couple thousand dollars. Not only does experience play a role in a Nutritionist salary, so does the state and city one lives in, the sector of employment and the certificates one possesses. The sector of employment are different types of employers. These can vary, some examples are for a clinic, the military and the state. I feel certification may be more important than a degree for a Nutritionist. To conclude, the salary for a Nutritionist is

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