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The novel Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach , deals with a college student named Henry Skrimshander who is going through the hardest time of his life. Harbach uses the relationship between the different characters to question deep rooted concepts of life. Harbach need filler sentences. Pella drastically alters her philosophy on what provides happiness from being in a relationship with an older financially stable man to a younger college boy. Like most people Pella has engraved in order to have happiness it comes from having financial stability. She finds financial security in David, her husband, who is a considerable amount of years older than her. Additionally, Gwert, Pella’s father, has his reservations about David. That age gap raises the…show more content…
Pella handles the dinner in a very childish manner when she swallows the expensive earring that he gets for her then throwing them up and leaving them in the bathroom. That moment is very symbolic because it represents her removing the last few parts of her that believed that money equals happiness , and leaving that in the bathroom. In that scene she fully understands what will be the consequences for her actions, and that would be losing David and her “happiness” , but she was alright with that because now Mike would replenish that with true happiness. Since she knows that Mike can provide that for her she is no longer dependent on David so she speaks her mind , and says “David, I'm leaving you because you're controlling and unreasonable and debilitatingly jealous. You don't want me to work, don't want me in school, don't even want me to learn how to drive.”( Harbach __). Pella tells David how she feels about him, and about how controlling he is, and Pella and David both know he felt he could be so controlling over her because she was dependent on him. Pella ended the relationship with David , she for the first time in her life was partial

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