Charter Schools Are Better Than Public Schools

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“DO CHARTER SCHOOLS SERVE STUDENTS BETTER THAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS?” Knowledge is power and public schools are needed for the obvious reason “Education”, and creating productive individuals. However, not all public schools meet the basic standards. For instance, public schools in low-income areas do not receive as much funding as a public school in a wealthy neighborhood. If the students are not meeting the minimum standards the funds to those public schools are cut. Thus sending a message to the parents and students that ‘WE’ do not care about educating the poor, (they will wind up in jail anyway, so let us build more prisons for them). We need to focus on the upper middle-class and wealthy as they are or future. Hmm, I believe that all children are important and should be equally educated. The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste.…show more content…
Individuals were screaming, “we don’t need charter schools here – This is PS## ….” My thought was “did anyone explain the benefits of a charter school? Charter schools have smaller class sizes, and are held to a higher standard that public schools. Charter schools serve student better than public schools because they are held accountable and this means that “charter schools MUST operate lawfully and responsibly, with the highest regard or for equity and excellence. If they fail to deliver they are closed.” Students and teachers have a choice, and there is autonomy within the charter schools where the school is focused on high academic achievement for the students, something traditional schools sometimes lack.

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