Becoming A Veterinarian

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Performing surgery on an animal and cutting them open is definitely not for everyone. There’s a quote by Will Rogers that really stands out to me. “Best doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can’t ask his patient what’s the matter. He’s just got to know.” All I have ever wanted to be is a veterinarian, because working and being around animals is all I want to do. A veterinarian’s main focus is to take care of animals and provide them will proper treatment. (“Veterinarians”). Becoming a veterinarian takes a lot of work. They have to have at least eight years of college or longer. Vets work long hours to make sure all of the animals are healthy. The salary is very good in this job and depending on the hours they work they can make more…show more content…
(“Veterinarians”). They are licensed to give animal’s medicine and proper treatment. Most vets work in private clinics. Some veterinarians travel and go to farms and ranches to provide treatment for animals. Working as a vet is very stressful, emotionally, and physical because of the demanding hours. (Doctor Miller) Vets also perform surgery on animals if the animal needs it. Being a veterinarian is a very risky job, because they can get kicked, bitten, and scratched by the animals. (Doctor Miller) The key interest of being employed as a veterinarian is they get to work directly with animals on a daily basis and they play a vital part in making animals…show more content…
They can make $84,460 or more per year and $40.61 or more per hour. Some veterinarians make less than that just because they work less hour and some make even more because the work night and day. There are many benefits in this career. For example one benefit would be vacation time because if I’m my own boss I could take the days of I want. Also there is dental care and life insurance, and life insurance. Another benefit would be the high wages. (“The Benefits of Being a Vet”). On top of earning an excellent salary, a good veterinarian benefit from broadening opportunities since the field is anticipating to develop faster than the average. (“The Benefits of Being a

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