Advantages And Disadvantages Of Survey

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Advantages: • Mail surveys are least expensive. • The questionnaires can include pictures and sound documents. • Mail surveys allow the respondent to answer at their free time rather than busy or working time. • Do not skip any question. Disadvantages: • Many people despise spontaneous email much more than spontaneous consistent mail. You might need to send email surveys just to persons who hope to get email from you [8]. • Some respondents responds several times. . For survey design, first we need questionnaires design. A survey form is a gathering or grouping of questions designed to acquire data on a subject from a respondent. Questionnaires play an important role in a data collection or survey process they majorly affect information quality [27]. Surveys can either be in paper or mechanized based.…show more content…
The objective is to acquire data such that survey respondents understand the questions and they provide the specific answer of questions. There are many form of question scaling according to survey which describes below: i. Comparative scale: A comparative scale is an ordinal scale. In comparative scale respondents asked to compare one product to another. Comparative scales are: • Pairwise comparison scale: This is an ordinal level procedure where a respondent is given two things at once and made a request to pick one. This is the most broadly utilized correlation scale system [3]. This is basically use in voting system, social choice, public choice, in multi agent artificial intelligence system

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