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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE SURVEY 2.1 SURVEY CONDUCTED For the project, we have been trying to learn about vending machines and theor functionality by getting some hands on experience on the working of vending machines. We used a vending machine for the first time on our recent trip to Delhi and it greatly enhanced the way we visualised our own machine .Though these machines were conventional ones , still it helped us in some way .Other than this , we have done a lot literature surveys and taken number of cases where vending machines have been of use. 2.1.1 Coin operated vending machine controller A coin operated vending machine controller is the most conventional and easy to use vending machine , it consist of one slot of coin input and three…show more content…
The snack vending machine is controlled 5; the 8051 microcontroller where it will monitor the system cycle and also the input and output operations of the vending machine. The scope of the project is to design a basic snack vending operation using a coin detector. The project consists of the hardware and the software design where the hardware design is divided into two parts which is the input and output operations to the microcontroller. The coins detector which has been emulated by a switching device and the snack push button is the input operations where it allows the user to operate with the vending machine. Meanwhile the output operation consists of the spiral ring snack holder. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD unit) and a 12Vdc motor to rotate the spiral ring. The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) will display orders to the users in alphabetical character on how to operate the vending machine. It will also display the amount of coins inserted to the snack vending machine and the type of snack chosen by the user. For the software programming. the assembly language is used to interface all the peripherals to the 8051 microcontroller which will operate the system cycle of the vending

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