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3. Implementation- the firm, General Electric demonstrated ways to move past cultural differences between the United States of America and Australia. (Peng, 2011) (a) Interconnectivity is the conjoining of cultures from different places. GE would be able to have great interconnectivity between America and Australia. Ways how this would be a positive thing is that these are two English speaking countries, they both have great trading markets, and they both are huge consumers of electricity and electrical appliances. (b) Globalization on page 605 in the textbook states that it is the close integration of countries and peoples around the world.GE using globalization to their advantage. GE wants to be able to spread their message and products throughout…show more content…
My recommendation for General Electric would go hand in hand with their vision and mission statements, as well as their strategic goals. Their vision statement to be the largest provider of electronic commerce solution would go with my recommendation because GE would need to continue to expand into other markets to be able to become the largest provider in that category. Their mission statement to create intelligence throughout the business supply chain for their customers around the globe would fit into that category as well because their corporation would have to enlarge so that more people gain this…show more content…
There are not a lot of issues or conflicts that GE faced by expanding from the United States to Australia. One conflict that GE would end up facing is that they would have to figure out how successful they would be in the market changes. GE would need to see if they would lose or gain a profit in the initial market move. They would also need to see if they end up losing money, how long would it take them to make it back, or if they could at all. The only other conflict that I would see GE having in expanding is if the customer base would accept and purchase their products and services. Since there are already other companies that provide similar things, GE needs to see if they would be able to gain the competitive advantage over those already existing

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