Disadvantages Of NCVS

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What is NCVS? NCVS is a type of survey, which is also known as the National Crime Victimization. The National Crime Victimization is a type of survey that collects information from households those people who participates in the survey are surveyed every couple months for 3 years. What is UCR? UCR is a type of report that is known as the Uniform Crime Report. The Uniform Crime Report is a report that collects information from the offenses that is known to the police. What are the advantages and disadvantages for using UCR? The advantages by using the Uniform Crime Report is that the UCR this is a helpful source to use to help people understand crime patterns across America. The other advantages for using the UCR are by how the Uniform Crime Report uses the data of arrests to study about the crime patterns in America. This can show people what crime is like in specific areas, and how to show where is the safest place to be are located. The disadvantages for using the Uniform Crime Report is that it draws attention to only the specific types of crimes, gender, race, and age.…show more content…
What are the Weaknesses? The Strengths of the National Crime Victimization Survey is that it catches offenses that are missed by UCR, they avoid police interactions, there are no hierarchy rule, they have information about the victims, and they have information about the incident, “Dark figure” of crime, nationwide coverage, and coverage over time. The Flaws of the National Crime Victimization Survey is that they have little to no information on the offenders, it doesn’t help any businesses that encountered any crimes, and there are over-reporting incidents, reactivity, and memory

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