Disadvantages Of Immigration

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The graph above shows the countries where the immigrants usually go. From the survey made by the researchers, it was not really surprising to see that majority of the given answer by the respondents was United States of America. This was with a total of 26 votes out of 30. While the remaining 4 respondents of the survey made were halfly divided. The first two answer the immigrants usually go somewhere in the continent of Europe and the other two were from the Asian country which is from Japan. This was also a bit expected since this country can be viewed as a first world country. This was associated with the US census data from 2010 and 2011; one CIS study concluded that immigration has dramatically increased the size of the nation’s…show more content…
Among of all, the decrease on the wages and employment opportunities of native-born workers rank first and the population will increase rank last. Population will increase is least from our list and of course, once the population increases, workers will increase but the advantage of it is the native-born workers will have less opportunities because of immigrants and some may be better than them. Factories/companies will decrease workers’ wages because of the increase of workers. Obviously, when wages are decreased, the workers will experience shortages on their budget for…show more content…
From the results gathered, it was persons return with skills that rank the highest among all the given advantages. While the decrease the use of public services ranks the lowest. In line with the persons return with skills, Hunt (2010) suggested that migrants arrive with skills and abilities, so supplement the stock of human capital of the host country. More specifically, evidences from the United States suggest that skilled immigrants contribute to boosting research and innovation, as well as technological progress. Since the immigrants already have an experience from their jobs abroad, it would already be easy for them to use those skills and knowledge when they get back to their own country. As for the decrease of use of public services, this comes naturally logical because whenever someone leaves, they cannot already use the services offered by their own country. DISADVANTAGES OF IMMIGRATION ON SENDING COUNTRY DISADVANTAGES RANK Lessens manpower 3rd Loss of productivity 1st Lessens the experts

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