The Importance Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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In the criminal justice field research and proper collection of data plays an enormous role. M.U.S.E defines research as a process of investigation, examination of a subject from different points of view (M.U.S.E, 2017). Using the proper research method helps determine how well criminology and criminal justice study crime ( E.Fritsch., C. Trulson., A. Blackburn, 2014). Researchers use well known methods to achieve answer to their question. Their methods and observation is easily done in way every one can view the report and offer feedback. There are many different techniques to collect data. Many researchers follow the step by step guideline to collect data; others may not however still end up with the same facts. Before an individual…show more content…
Qualitative is research study that does not depend on statistical analyses. This form of method performs under participant observation. When researcher used this data they are collecting information to help them understand how people make their decisions. Normal this research groups are small samples rather than large. Quantitative research is base heavily on statistical procedures, and statistical manipulations of data considered primary in an effort to discover patterns of behavior (M.U.S.E, 2017). Quantitative research provides more information, with this method police records, arrest rates, and other numerical measurement for data information can be used. Both methods contribute to criminology, criminal justice, Qualitative ask the question why things happen; and Quantitative examining the evidences that found from Qualitative. Both Qualitative and Quantitative serves a big purpose for criminology; however Quantitative play a more important role. Quantitative answer for Qualitative, without Quantitative much information would be gather from observations of…show more content…
The advantage of case studies is it helps researcher study and learn the offender. Case studies use numerous steps such as, collect data, interviews, focus groups and observations to insure the study is accurate. Learn about a criminal mindset criminologist would have to go in dept with details by requesting police, court reports, talking with witness and interview the offenders. New information which may have been missed can always be discovered through case study. Case studies work best helping criminologist understanding serial killers, rapist and other criminal masterminds. The Disadvantage of case studies is long hours, months of investigation and required intensive researching. Today society almost everything is controlled by statistics data. The purpose of Statistics in the criminal justice is to maintain information on those who commit crime, victims while help understand human behavior (R.Sibley, 2015). Statistics data report factors in characteristics of individual, such as age, employments status, crime rate and other variables that can help researchers. For example, the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) controlled by the FBI includes statistics on violent crime, murder, rape and property crime (R.Sibley,

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