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2.1.3 Definition of Visualization According to the Oxford dictionary, visualization means that the representation of an object, situation, or set of information as a chart or other image, and also the formation of a mental image of something. (Oxford University Press, n.d.) The definition of visualization from another online dictionary Merriam-Webster shows that visualization is the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visible form. (Merriam-Webster, n.d.) All of the definitions of visualization from the authoritative online dictionary actually display the process and the characteristic of music video vividly as music video is really interpreting the song into a visual term. 2.2 History of Music Video Before the…show more content…
The origin of music video adds to the sense of sight on it. With the two-pronged approach, a music video can convey meanings more specifically. Basically, the music video has different functions for the stakeholders of it, such as viewers and the production teams. This is because different stakeholders of a music video having different interest, purpose, and attentions toward a music video. Although there are different functions for them depending on their needs, they can be fulfilled through a music video. Normally, for a viewer, music video acts as an entertaining tool. Those songs combined with visual imageries can help them relax and kill time. There are several reasons for people to view music videos and there are several reasons for the music video to influence to viewers. One of the reasons is that music video provides the meaning of the song interpreted by the director of music video by using the image to all the…show more content…
There is also numerous factors which will affect the product purchase intention among viewers and consumers. The previous researcher showed that product purchase intention having a distinct phenomenon to the enjoyment of music video which it gives to the viewers. It is the vital promotional tools for a product because it can become a part of the marketing mix for any given artists (Andsager & Roe, 2003; Cummins, 2007). Besides, music video also effects to the commercial and business aspect. Celebrity effect and media effect will create in music video through the famous artist wearing famous branding clothes or enjoying branded food or beverage in the music video. Some of the fans or viewers will follow their idols or the artists to try and to buy those things. In recent years, the strategic of product placement not only occurs in dramas or reality shows but also in music videos. For instances, Jay Chou’s Handwritten Past had to embed the yogurt product of a china company Yili Group and also Penny Tai’s Strawberry Bread had to embed the beverage product of

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