Advantages And Disadvantages Of Renewable Energy

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Introduction Renewable energy come from sun light, heat, wind, rain and could be used by human in many different ways. For example human used fuel in 4 major areas among human needs areas. These unique characteristics of renewable energy lead to rapid development of them and in general, efficiency in saving of resources and may result in significant energy security, climate change mitigation and economic this report we are going to talk in detail about this topic in all aspects and finding out how much this topic is important Overview of the report This topic was aimed to overview of renewable energy sources in developed countries and scientific field to reduce the expenses of our life, to invest source for power to…show more content…
They are different in many developing and even developed countries. The countries do not have all of resources and some of them may have the resources but they don’t have enough knowledge to know how to use from these resources. In this report we are going to talk a little in detail about some kind of renewable energy resources. Hydro power Heydro power is kind of water energy. We have many type of water energy. First is hydro electric energy. Hydroelectric energy is the concept that described the large scale hydroelectric dam. Second, the microhydro system which is term to describe the hydro electric power installation topically produce 100 kw energy and the third one called run of the river hydroelectricity system in which energy is taken from the river and ocean where they constitute a larger reservoir. Wave power This is the power that uses the energy of ocean surface wave to convert the energy of tides. There are many type of this kind of renewable energy and one of them is ocean thermal energy conversion uses the temperature difference between cooler deep and warmer surface of ocean and this process currently has no economic feasibility. Solar…show more content…
The power available from the wind is the function of the cube of the wind speed so as wind speed increase, power output increase up to maximum output for particular turbine. Globally the long term technical potential is agreed to be five time total current global energy production or 40 times current electricity demand, assuming all practical barrier is overcome. This world requires wind turbines to be installed over large areas, particularly in areas with high chance to have wind such as offshores. Conclusion: Nowadays the world is going to face many different concerns such as global warning which is directly related to burning the fossil fuels. We are using the most of important sources of energy and our futures cannot benefit from source of energy like fossil fuels so we should replace this valuable resources with renewable energy which has more benefit for the environment and cost effective .the renewable energy or somehow the green energy is a gold opportunity for future to have the green world and reduce the risk of danger for environment and human life. The renewable energy resources should develop in all the countries around the world to save the environment for

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