Bharati Mukherjee Short Story

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Bharati Mukherjee, one of the leading diaspora writer is noted for her writings based on the themes of expatriation, immigration, cultural alienation, assimilation and multiple displacements. She has written eight novels including short stories and two autobiographies along with her husband, Clarke Blaise, the Canadian novelist and professor. Her novels can be divided into different phases such as expatriates’ perspective in first two novels, The Tigers Daughter (1972) and Wife (1975). Her second phase of novels fall in immigration stage, in which she wrote short stories and essays along with one novel Jasmine (1989). Her third phase comprises of trilogy other novels including, theHolder of the World (1993), Leave it to Me (1997) and the trilogy…show more content…
Both of them moves to USA and dimple gets hypnotized by seeing the ostentatious country. Dimple with her ogling eyes gets mesmerized by the skyscrapers, she had never witnessed before. The paradox of India and America is illustrated with traffic, lanes and cars –classy in everything. ‘She had never seen such bigness before; the bigness was thrilling and little scary as well. She could n’t imagine the kind of people who had conceived it and controlled it. They were going so fast and so quietly, with no obstructions and no horn blowing’ (WF…show more content…
The cultural transition in them is pictured, when Amit asks her to drink a glass of yellow beer under the foam. He insists that it is only for the celebration and not for routine. Dimple emerges as a sluggish personality owing to her solitude. She sleeps at day time, ever hunger does n’t bother her much. New habits frames in her as she takes bath in nights rather than in the mornings. She dreams of Amit but those dreams gives her irritation rather than

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