Descriptive Essay On An Abandoned House

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Abandoned Flames The building was deserted, left to rot in a grassy field by the railroad tracks. My friends and I began to approach the abandoned building. As we got closer to it we started to realize that the place had no floor. The small wooden, cabin-like structure levitated off the ground with the help of a few orange rusted support bars and large cinder blocks. It had grey roof tiles creating a repetitive pattern on top of it, there was the occasional missing tile that ruined the organization of the roofing stones. Tall grass surrounded the base of the building, which none of us knew was once the purpose of, and behind the thin crispy grass was an opening to the inside of the building. Afraid to be caught by the oil covered train…show more content…
Something seems off about the whole place, there are human-sized holes torn out of the drywall, creating a pathway to the next rooms of the place. We descended into the next room, the dust seems to have started to choke in my throat with a bitter and dry taste in my mouth. The next room had a smaller version garage door that was in the retracted position. To my left there was an electrical box with switches labeled “Driving Range Lights” and “Miniature Golf lights”, the rest were too faded to make out what they said. The four of us came to the obvious conclusion that the building used to be a miniature golf course lodge, it also explained the tiny garage door for the little golf carts. A low growl came from the ceiling in a hole that had insulation foam dangling out of it. Claw marks surround the hole, probably an inch deep into the grainy wood. We backed away to the other side of the room, as we turn back to witness the animal’s plan to see that there was a large slash mark going across the electrical box. A bare cable sends flickering red sparks into the air, lighting the wood on fire. The building started to smell of smoke and burning chemicals that we gasped into our

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