The Underground Railroad Analysis

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The Underground Railroad, is a book in which it tells a story about America, not the America of today if not the America of 100 years ago. During that time, there were slavery in the South and the North were segregated from them since passed an amendment to remove slavery there. In this story, the main character is Cora an African American girl. To reach her dreams of freedom Cora faces many obstacles, she had to hide in an attic for months, like a famous slave catcher named Ridgeway following her, seen loved one's die, and finally reaching The North. The story of Cora starts in Georgia, she was owned by a guy named Randall. There in the plantation she was working at, she fell in love with a man that they later escaped that plantation…show more content…
She was all by herself, she went into the underground station looking for a train to take her to freedom this is when she finds martin. Martin helps her out, he's even putting his life at risk trying to safe her. North Carolina was different from South Carolina, in there they didn't like negroes they hated them, they even had a trail called "freedom trail", which had slave bodies hanging from trees. In Martins house she needs to hide in the attic for months, the things she had witnessed there were horrible. She had a little hole in the wall where she could see the town, every Friday the town held a celebration in which they killed a slave by hanging and she always witnessed it. Cora wanted to leave that house, but Martin didn't allow her since he and his wife were scared of people seen her there, they told her that people who help slaves here get killed. He even told her a story about, "a white farmer who sheltered a gang of negroes and when the people found out they burned the entire house with the people inside" (page 166). One day the house maid saw Cora and told the people from the town which led to martins and his wife getting killed. The most ironic part of this chapter is when Ridgeway cached her which saved her from been killed. When Cora was captured by Ridgeway he was taking her back to Randall. She was in

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