Importance Of Energy In Pakistan

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INTRODUCTION As the country’s population growth rate increase they need to develop their economy in this power world. Energy is one of the basic ingredients required to elevate poverty and socio economic development and energy is an important development of country .today a country can only finish its economy by its power equipment’s and machineries which are working safely if the power continuity is widely available. Pakistan has been facing an unprecedent energy crisis since the last several years .the problem become severe during summers. PAKISTAN’S ENERGY RESOURCES An energy source is a system which makes energy in a certain way ,for instance a hydro electric station. A hydro electric station uses the current of the river for the making…show more content…
USA posseses the largest geothermal power plant in the world which is located in california .moreover geothermal heating is also used for direct heating functions as direct heating function as direct heating function is considered most efficient because it puts less heating pressure on the heating source .geothermal electric energy can be extracted from the earth by installing heat exchangers into the earth. This geothermal energy can or cannot be used with pumpms can be pulled out by earth tubes and exchangers the heat from the earth can be directly tranffered to the radiator for heating

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