Is This Painting Haunted?: Short Story

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Is This Painting Haunted? For centuries, it was believed that the painting of Lord Harold Von Coft III was haunted? Why? Well, the good lord was murdered in the Von Coft home by his wife, Helga Von Coft. Helga had wanted her husband’s fortune so she could run away with their three young sons and her lover, Mathias Everhart. She might have been a gold digger, but she did not count on her husband’s spirit returning the day she tried to take their sons out of the country. The painting - that had been painted by Harold’s niece, Duchess Eleanor Von Coft had been struck by lighting during one of the worst lightning storms of the year. After this, Harold had said the painting had been watching him. Harold’s claims had been promptly dismissed as paranoia.…show more content…
He had always thought his mother’s ‘elegant’ stance was more like the stomping of an elephant or a rhino going on a rampage. His lips became a thin lip the second his mother rounded on him. “Is something amusing, Hartley?” Helga allowed the words slide through her lips effortlessly, they were being carried off in the wind. Hartley allowed his back to straighten a little more, his expression expressionless. “No.” “‘No’ what?” “No, Mama.” Hartley allowed the words to escape his lips harsher then he wanted them to. He felt his head snap to the side as his mother’s hand struck his face so hard that his cheek felt like it was burning. “Don’t back sass me.” Helga pointed a well groomed finger at Hartley while her other two sons struggled not to lose their composure. Seeing their mother panic was always something that they got a kick out of. They didn’t have much love for the woman, even if Edward was her favourite. Hartley clenched his fists, but kept his retort to himself. He wanted to slap his mother back so badly. Suddenly, there was a massive gust of wind that blew everyone off their feet. The family were thrown around like bedsheets in the wind. The boys were thrown to the opposite side of the

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